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The History and Success of Homeopathy: Over 200 Years of Clinical Experience

Building of homeopathic hospital in Pittsburgh PA
Homeopathic Hospital, Pittsburgh PA

You may not have known, but homeopathy is not a form of folk medicine. Homeopathy as an independent, holistic therapeutic system was developed by the brilliant German physician Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. Homeopathy has almost always been practiced only by professional doctors, and only in the last 50 years has homeopathy training become available to laymen in some countries.

The practice of homeopathy is based on very clear principles. Homeopathy has no room for mental speculation, fantasy and conjecture. All knowledge of the effects of each homeopathic remedy is obtained only by testing each remedy on volunteers. This knowledge is then supplemented by data from the clinical application of homeopathic remedies. Can you imagine that homeopaths started clinical trials of remedies more than 200 years ago?

The selection of remedies in homeopathy is very individualized. In genuine homeopathy, there are no preset treatment regimens. Each patient will receive their own unique treatment regimen that takes into account all of their individual characteristics of health, their heredity, and their environment.

The homeopath monitors in great detail all changes in the client's health in the course of treatment, and modifies the treatment appropriately if necessary. Homeopathy uses tiny doses of substances to optimize the body's self-healing processes without causing any side effects.

For more than 200 years, homeopathy has accumulated vast experience in the treatment of both acute and chronic diseases. This experience is recorded in thousands of books, textbooks and publications in specialized magazines. Very carefully homeopaths in all countries pass on this experience and knowledge from generation to generation.

Over the years, homeopathy has earned the trust of many notable figures such as royalty, politicians, celebrities, and historical figures like Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin. Prominent figures like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Tony Blair, David Beckham, Pope Pius X, Mahatma Gandhi, and Dr. Charles Menninger have also turned to homeopathy for treatment. Even American Presidents James Garfield and William McKinley, as well as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Cate Blanchett, have been known to trust homeopathy.

John D. Rockefeller, who lived to 98, was known to have his homeopath travel with him and believed that homeopathy was "a progressive and aggressive step in medicine."


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