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Rediscovering the Art of Healing: The Benefits of Holistic Medicine

Georges Chicotot The Insertion of a Tube (c 1890)

At first, people were excited and impressed when scientists studied the human body by breaking it down into organs, tissues, cells, and genes. However, when this knowledge became the basis for modern medicine, doctors often ignored the fact that their patients were whole, individual beings living in their own environment, facing a variety of stressors and having rich emotional and spiritual lives.

Most of us don't want the doctor to see us as a faceless and nameless conglomerate of broken body cells or as a bunch of failed gene combinations.

We want respect for our personalities and respect for the health challenges we face. We don't just want a pill that will numb our pain for a while. We want real healing: healing of the body, healing of the mind, and healing of the spirit. We know very well that when the body is sick, our mind and spirit suffer with it. Similarly, the body and spirit are affected when the mind is sick. Complete healing, therefore, requires addressing all aspects of our being.

These high ideals of the healing arts are embodied in the holistic branches of medicine such as homeopathy, traditional osteopathy, Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine, which approach the human being as a trinity of body-mind-spirit. These practices use only natural, safe substances in the treatment process. In addition to treating disease, disease prevention and health education are essential parts of holistic medicine.

Experience the benefits of holistic medicine and discover how it can improve your overall health and well-being.


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