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MD (Ukraine), CCH, LMT


Hi there, I'm so glad you found your way to my website! My name is Sergiy Druganov, and I'm a homeopathic and osteopathic practitioner based in Indiana. I specialize in working with children and their parents.

From the very beginning of my studies at medical school, I was fascinated by alternative therapies such as Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I was wary of treatment methods that relied heavily on synthetic medications, which seemed unnatural and potentially dangerous. So when I stumbled upon a book on homeopathy that helped me cure my own chronic tonsillitis, I knew I had found my calling. And later on, when I personally experienced the incredible healing power of osteopathy, I knew I had to incorporate it into my practice.

I received my medical degree in Kyiv (Ukraine) in 1997, specializing in pediatrics. During my residency, I started studying and applying homeopathy. I continued studying homeopathy and osteopathy with leading specialists around the world, and in 2015, my family and I moved to Indiana, where I am now the only Nationally Certified in Classical Homeopathy specialist in the state.


1997: Earned MD degree from National O.O.Bogomolets Medical University (Kyiv, Ukraine)

1997-1999: Completed postgraduate internship in the department of Cardio-Rheumatology at the largest regional Children’s Hospital (Kyiv, Ukraine), specializing in Pediatrics

1997-1999: Completed a two-year Classical Homeopathy course

1999-2001: Served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology at the National O.O.Bogomolets Medical University (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2002-2012: Worked as a Pediatrician-homeopath and faculty member at the D.Popov Homeopathy Center (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2010-2012: Completed a two-year Classical Homeopathy course at the Vithoulkas International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (Alonissos, Greece)

2011: Completed training in General Osteopathic Manipulation, Visceral Osteopathic Manipulation, and Cranial Osteopathic Manipulation

2012-2014: Completed the training program of the Institute of Classical Osteopathy (UK)

2015: Opened own practice of Classical Homeopathy and Manual Osteopathy in Indianapolis

With over 25 years of experience working with various health problems, I've helped thousands of children overcome chronic conditions such as recurrent otitis media, chronic tonsillitis, eczema and bronchial asthma, among others. And I've also helped many adults with hormonal issues, thyroid problems, headaches, autoimmune diseases, and more. Additionally, many young athletes with sports injuries and concussion sequelae have benefited from my care.

I'm passionate about taking a strictly individualized approach to health restoration, as I believe that no two cases are exactly the same. Every person and every disease is unique and requires a precise, personalized approach to recovery. And my wide-ranging expertise in both traditional and non-traditional healing methods enables me to offer a genuinely holistic approach to caring for my clients.


It's important to note that I haven't practiced conventional medicine for many years and am not a licensed physician in the state of Indiana. But I'm proud to offer a safe, natural, and effective approach to healing that has helped tens of thousands of people relieve their chronic illnesses and pain, allowing them to live life to the fullest and achieve their goals and purpose. Thank you for considering me as your health partner, and I look forward to helping you on your healing journey!

If you have any question or holistic treatment is something new for you I am happy to direct you


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